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author:Airbaker release time:2018-03-12

Will more and more suppliers use inflatable airbag for packaging?

Will more and more suppliers use inflatable airbag for packaging?

1520835848456083.jpgWe have many supplier specilizing in different industry,which inclues wine supplier,toner cartridge supplier,cosmetics supplier,milk powder supplier,e-Commerce company and so on.Most of them beleive packaging airbag can save more cost and be safer than traditional packaging such as bubble bag,grooved foam sponge,EPE foam.What's more, airbag is eco-friendly,recyclable,convenient and space-save.

In fact,there are still so many suppliers,who always want to save their packing cost and transit cost,don't know this packing solution(Inflatable Airabg).We have marketed many countries since 2010 and try our best to let more business trader learn about this product.Airbag is widely used in China for its flourishing e-Commerce business.Global Market is one big potential market as well.That's why we spend much more time on international business.We beleive there will be more and more supplier/manufacuter using airbag for its competive advantage.


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